Dinfo Q & A


Why and how to reward loyal customers?

Like bees get rewarded with honey while pollinating flowers, customers will appreciate your gifts when being loyal to your business.

Rewards can be Egg Rolls, Boba Tea Drinks, BBQ xx, Mugs with your logo, Sofa Pillows with logo to advertise all year round... and Free Birthday Meals...

Company large orders, the person organizing the catering event is fairly and conveniently rewarded for all the points in the transaction. Everyone wins!

What information is collected? Can I block any messages?

Your account # Is your cellphone #. Your email is optional for receiving the promotion deals. You are encouraged to fill in your birthday and also the Bday of your friends and families. Huge Bday gifts like free meals and cake discounts will be sent to you prior to the date. However, you can mark each coupon sender as ignore status by going to Dinfo-My Points tab.

Can I take a waiting # using Dinfo?

Yes, no need to get up early and wait outside the restaurant cold and hungry, NO MORE!

Is my waiting # guaranteed as reservation?

No! Dinfo is like how you send a friend to go early to grab a waiting # for you until you arrive. The exact time when your table will be available is not provided. You have to show up before your # is called. You can track the progress online using Dinfo.

Can I cancel the waiting number?

Yes, it is recommended that you withdraw from the waiting line if you are unable to be there on time. You may always get another number to meet your time frame.

Can I preorder my food while waiting?

Yes, you can order your favorite items and save them to your profile. When you sit down, your order is already on the way...

Earning and Redeeming Points are Easy and Fun


Dashing through the slow

- Cashier counter, with Dinfo on your phone. Get your points with a scan. See all previous visits and rewards with a glance. The Gift Cards will pop open for redeem when got enough points.

Furthermore, if you enter your birthday or your family member's or your friends' birthday in your profile, you will get special gifts and notifications prior to that day.


Bigger Bills Earn Double Points

Dinfo award points on a dollar to point ratio which can fluctuate according to the ticket amount from as low as $2 for 1 point, $1 for 1 point, to as high as $1 for 2 points. 


ding, ding, ding... Dinfo all the way

No more bang-ing on the counter, organizing your utensils, hey! ... keying in your phone number - while waiting for the cashier - to approve your points!