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Smart Kitchen Display

Food Runner Control


When dishes are made, with large quantites at same time.  The Food Runner quickly locates and touches the ONE ITEM on the screen, to pop out a LIST of tables which ordered the item to be printed for delivery.

1 Batch, Many Tables


One of the biggest problems that are apparent in restaurants is the problem of quickly bringing the food. However, by using the system, one batch and one trip will cover most of the tables.

Make to Order, Mass-Produced


When received with one order, the system analyzes any other similar orders. When found, the kitchen is able to quickly produce one dish multiple times, thereby saving a lot of time. 

Chef Sees Pre-Sorted (fewer lines to read) Combined Qty


As soon as waiters input the table orders into the POS, the chefs would be able to produce the exact needed quantities. Hence saving a lot of time and labor than to do one ticket at a time.

Food Status Broadcasting


 Where a wall filled with tickets after tickets, is now a big touch screen mounted, containing the list of dishes to be delivered. All you have to do is one simple touch to mark off a item or recall it back. 

Easy, Fast, Total Control of the Entire Production


Time is money, so is people. By implementing our kitchen management system you can reduce cost and make better quality house specialty products.

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